Friday, October 29, 2010

Thoughts on Forgiveness

Forgiving someone is to set a prisoner free and realize that prisoner was you.

-Lewis Smedes

Forgiving someone who wronged you or your loved one is one of the hardest things a human being has to do.

There is something that feels righteous about holding onto to the right to be fuming mad.

And yet, this anger you hold inside of you becomes a poison. As you merge with it become its slave.

When we are wronged or hurt we go over and over it again in our minds. It becomes the banner we wave as we walk through life, the heavy back pack we carry always.

Forgiveness is in no way condoning what the perpetrator did. It is only choosing to untie yourself from bondage.

Forgiveness is a process. You may have thought that you have totally forgiven and then something may happen to you or a loved one that brings up the hard feelings all over again. This is completely natural.

We sometimes think that if we don’t cling to our story it will be lost. The story will never be lost. It is a part of who we are and has helped to define us. It is just that we have the empowered choice of going on and living a valued life.

Forgiveness does not mean that you act as though the event never happened. It did happen and it affected you greatly. It is knowing that you can put it behind you and re-engage in life.

Forgiveness is eventually understanding that hurt people hurt people. We wish it were different. We wish that no one was hurt in their life so that they wouldn’t hurt. But the truth is they are and they do.

Forgiveness is realizing that hard times come bearing gifts. The gift of realizing your own strength, your own power. Gifts of allowing yourself to receive love and kindness from others. Gifts of knowing how to give love and kindness to others.

My favorite quote on forgiveness comes from author Jerry Jamplosky who has dedicated his life to teaching love and forgiveness.

From the perspective of love and spirit, forgiveness is the willingness to let go of the hurtful past. It is the decision to no longer suffer, to heal your heart and soul. It is the choice to no longer find value in hatred or anger. And it is letting go of the desire to hurt others or ourselves because of something that is already in the past. It is the willingness to open our eyes to the light in other people rather than judge or condemn them.

I hope dear friends, that you find a way to open your heart to let go of anything that weighs you down and keeps you from letting your beautiful light shine. The world very much needs your light and your joy.

As always, I love hearing from you!

From my heart to yours,

Brenda Strausz

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Magic in You

We don't see things are they are we see them as we are.

Anais Nin

When my kids were in elementary school parents and kids were invited to hear a motivational speaker whose name I have long forgotten. This wise man said something that I never forgot.

He said that we should always remember these words: "If it is to be, it is up to me!"

Through the years, that one sentence has cropped up time and time again. My Gremlin has often rallied against it, hoping someone else would do it for me . . . that this book or this class or this guru would teach me how to live successfully in the world . . . that I could sit back and things would happen. One of my most important life learnings is that I have everything inside of me that I need to make my life work. I had it all the time. I just never knew it.

My friend Jane just got back from a week in the Bahamas and was telling me how the weather was unseasonably cool. She said that in the past she would have allowed the bad weather to ruin her week. Older and wiser now, she painted me a picture of how she made a decision to make it a wonderful week in spite of the weather. She put her whole self into enjoying the people, the food, the majesty of the wind, the beauty of the sky and the water. She described how a group of them took their umbrellas and made a shield against the wind as they sang and danced and ate. It was, she reported, one of her more memorable vacations. I smiled to myself as I pictured them creating memories in the wind.

It occurred to me as she spoke that it was if Jane took out a magic wand that she never knew she owned. She took it out and said "Abracadabra! I am going to change my thoughts, my attitudes, and my actions. I am going to enjoy what is here to enjoy! Embrace the mysteries of life! Reach for the joy all around me!"

I thought about Jane's story all day as I contemplated my life and my business. If I forget that I have a magic wand, I am like a boat that is tossed and turned by every wind.

When I open to the truth that magic is mine for the asking I stop asking, "Who do you think you are?" and say instead, "Look out world, here I come!" I stop comparing myself to anybody else and instead focus on my unique offerings. I begin to choose my thoughts and to live fully in my joy. I find that when my mind embraces my unique magnificence, the red carpet is rolled out for me as I say, "TA-DA!" Synchronicities appear! Chance meetings and wonderful opportunities present themselves as if by magic!

Magic is everywhere, my friends. Magic is what turns houses into homes, carrots into carrot souffl├ęs, eggs into omelets, crises into opportunities, meals into banquets, words into poetry, acquaintances into friends, snow days into memories, teachers into mentors, work into joy and passion, ordinary moments into miracles.

Call to Action

  • In what areas of your life you can bring more magic to?

  • Set your intention everyday to live in ways that make your life more magical.

  • Keep your focus on the positives aspects of everything.

  • As you open up to being more charge of your thoughts and actions and having more positive thoughts take note of the miracles and synchronicities that appear.

  • If you have trouble finding and using the magic within you, use energy techniques like Emotional Freedom Techniques to move beyond the blocks that hold you back from living in your full magnificence.


  • I am open to finding miracles everywhere.

  • I choose my thoughts and actions.

  • My thoughts create my world and I create a magnificent world.

  • I am tapped in, tuned in, turned on!

  • The whole universe is cheering me on and supporting my every choice.

  • Every day and every way, I am getting better and better.

  • I find joy everywhere I go!
From my heart to yours,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

20 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

We are all vibrating energy. Everything is. When we are vibrating at a high level it affects the quality of your life and everyone around you. Everything looks good. Everyone looks good. People smile at you more. They want to be around you. Life feels a favorite pair of pajamas, like a warm fire on a cold winter day, like a perfect day at the beach.

Here are some vibration raising tips:

See everyone through the eyes of pure love.
Do an unexpected act of kindness.
Say thank you often.

If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.-Meister Eckhart

Don’t assume people know you love them…tell them.
Cook a beautiful nourishing meal. Share it.
Go barefoot in nature.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

Look around the room and breathe in gratefulness for all you have.
Write down ten great things about yourself.
Bless yourself. Bless your loved ones.
Bless strangers.
Give all day long that which is alive in you…your smile, your love, your joy.

My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.
Dalai Lama

Give yourself a retreat day. No phone. No internet. No work.
Love what you have.
Put your hand on your heart...breathe in love and breathe it out to the whole universe.
Pet a dog or a cat.

Millions of people who otherwise wold be completely lost in their mind and in endless concerns are taken back by their dog or cat into the present moment again and again and reminded of the joy of being.
–Eckhart Tolle

Feed the birds.
Swing on a swing and try to touch the sky!
Leave a sticky note on a bathroom mirror that says, "You are awesome!"
Do something with water. Shower. Run through the sprinkler. Splash someone.
Laugh often.
Look for loveliness in everyone and everything.

I hope as you read this you feel lighter, freer, more hopeful, more alive. You will see how much joy you can bring to the world by allowing yourself to be joyful.

From my heart to yours,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Open to Joy, Wonder and Delight with Joy Holland

Picture by Jeffrey Williams

Today, my guest blogger is my new friend Joy Holland, who has overcome many obstacles and is now living her dreams as she enjoys a peaceful and inspiring life on a sailboat with her two young children. She is a life coach, a motivational speaker and a beautiful love filled soul! She is a gifted writer as you shall see. Her words are deeply poetic and she touches the heart. Visit her on her inspiring blog at:


Thank you for joining me here at Brenda's site...I *love* all that Brenda offers here--each time I visit, I feel very refreshed and encouraged.

I would like to share that with you as well...

I stepped out of a life of chaos to live the life of my dreams, which you may read about here.. About Joy. I share with you from my heart, because I believe that you have within you the resources to live the life of *your* dreams..this very moment.

A life of ease, joy, delight, creativity, wonder, peace, love, grace is available to you the moment you open your heart to it.

I like to look at the sky. I begin my day at 3am by looking up to the sky. I live on a boat in a marina in a rather isolated area, so when I look to the early morning sky I am usually rewarded with the sight of the moon and a blanket of stars. I give praise to the moon and stars. I let the moonbeams light my heart and I think how each star is radiant on its own, glorious in the grouping. I think how each of us have the power of the moon, the brilliance of the stars, the glory of being in community.

I am as powerful as the moon, as brilliant as the stars, surrounded by Light...

On the days I am able to sleep in a bit, I begin my day around 6am. I look to the sky to see the sunrise over the hills..stretching pink tendrils across the sky. Sometimes it is cloudy, sometimes the sun shines warm and brilliant. The colors remind me of a clean canvas and the opportunity to paint on it any way I choose. I create this moment I am in. I may choose vivid colors, pastels, oils, watercolors; to use brushes or my fingers or other items to add texture. I may paint bold lines, faint lines, no lines..I may use techniques that are comfortable and familiar to me, I may be bold and try something new and different. I may display my painting, give it away, keep it for myself.

I am thankful for this moment. I choose how I'd like to create within it.

I find great joy and fulfillment in the process of creating.

Just as the sun rises and parts the clouds or shines brilliantly, effortlessly, with no help from the moment is given and unfolds naturally with no help from me. I do not control time, nor do I control the cycles around me. I may choose to resist or embrace the moment as it is

I embrace this moment as it is given.

My heart overflows with gratitude for this moment.

I am comfortable and safe. All is well.

I tend to look at the sky throughout the day. The placement of the sun guides my day...Some days there are clear skies, some days cloudy, some days dense fog, some days storms..Whether or not I see it with my eyes, I Know the sun is there. Just as I know the Divine is heart is open to the Divine. I Know we are perfectly made exactly as we are, exactly where we are, exactly for this moment. Regardless of external circumstances.

I am Divine.

I am perfectly made.

I am absolutely enough, will always be enough.

My life is a celebration of the Divine within.

Evening comes and I find the sunset. Whether I am at work, at home, driving, or out and around, I stop to view the sunset. And I ask those around me in my physical space to do the same. Even if I do not know them. I feel if nature is going to take the time to provide such a gorgeous visual display, I am going to take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the gift. Just as I appreciate and acknowledge the gift of energy that each person that interacts with me shares..I make the time to share my Love and Gratitude with you.

I am full of Love.

I am generous in giving and a gracious receiver.

I am full of gratitude for all that we share together.

I happen to Love the moon. The moonbeams literally shine through the hatch above my bed and lull me to sleep. I sleep in the moonbeams..magical indeed. I let that magic touch my heart while I sleep. I believe it creates my dreams at night and during the day. This magic is available to me throughout the day and is most potent when I allow my heart to be open to it...

Abundant delight, surprise, joy

Enriches my life in myriad ways.

My life is as magical, as grand, as wonder filled,

As I allow it to Be.

I find it comforting that regardless of what was in my day, the sun always rises. The sun always sets. The moon is there among a blanket of stars. Each and every day. Natural example for my heart to follow.. and if I forget, I may always look up and bask in the Light from above...

I Bask in the Light from Above,

Golden and pure..

I let Light wash over me, pour through me,

Much peace,


Joy Holland is a Light worker with a gift of clarity who greatly enjoys guiding others to live the life of their dreams. Joy is living the life of her dreams on a sailboat with her two young children. She enjoys sailing, hiking, cooking, playing her drum in the moonbeams. Joy is a life coach, a motivational speaker, and the author of the blog "Unfolding Your Path to Joy". She is bold in her actions, loving with her words, peace filled in her life...and it is her life's purpose to share this with everyone she meets..

Friday, September 10, 2010

What is Wrong Sweetheart?

"There is no greater agony than the untold story inside of you." -Maya Angelou

A day at temple for the Jewish New Year… beautiful service and prayers. Hugging temple members and friends. Feeling God in the prayers, the rabbi’s words, the cantor’s melodic voice, the songs, the holy connection to all the world there in my temple.

Later that night, dinner with family. Beautiful babies. Joy. Love. Great conversation. Amazing food. Wonderful people.

All this bounty. All this to be thankful for.

Then why this sadness in the pit of my stomach?

Why these tears that hide behind my eyes?

Sitting in silence, I decide to let my tears have a voice.

I sit down and with pen in hand, I ask myself the simple question: “What is wrong, sweetheart?”

As my pen moves, my tears flow.

And I confess:

I miss my kids terribly and this makes me so sad. I want desperately to hug my little granddaughter and rock her to sleep. I want to make the serious illnesses of my brother-in-law and one of my closest friends go away. I want to bring my Aunt back to life in her most healthy and glorious state so my uncle will be happy again. I want my clients to have happier relationships and better lives. I want all diseases to be obliterated from the earth.

I want things that are not possible to have.

The tears keep flowing as I allow all the sadness to have a voice.

And with each tear that flows my sadness feels accepted. It feels heard.

I remind myself that it is okay to feel sad. How could I forget that denying sadness squelches your vitality, your life force? Numbing yourself just doesn’t work… it always catches up to you. And I guess it caught up with me.

So I will muck around in it for awhile. I will allow it to breathe and to circulate so it can unstick a bit. I will give my sadness a voice until it is done talking.
And then I will be more myself again. Freer. Less constricted.

I may call a friend to share my sadness or I may find that I don’t need to. Maybe the writing and the tears are enough.

Of this I am sure of. I cannot find my kids jobs here but I can be the best out of town mom and grandma in the world. I can relish in the fact that they are happy and doing well. I can take tremendous joy out of our phone calls, our Skype sessions and all the times we are together. I cannot make my brother-in-law or friend well or bring my Aunt back to life, but I can be there for them physically and emotionally. And I can send them light and prayers and cheerful e-mails and cards and phone calls.

And then I will do what makes me come alive. I will listen to uplifting songs. I will sing. I will dance. I will meditate and pray and read awesome books. I will walk and do yoga. I will spend time in nature. I will cook great, healthy meals. I will scrapbook. I will post on inspiring posts on facebook. I will write articles. I will play games with friends. I will go to the movies.

I will allow myself to feel because that’s what being alive is all about. And I will feel my sadness for as long as I need to. And I will pick myself up, dust myself off and begin again to see the goodness in the world.

Call to action:

When you feel those feeling of sadness, get a journal and let them have a voice. If nothing comes to you, start to draw…sometimes the right brain knows what the left brain doesn’t.

Give yourself lots of kindness and compassion.

Remember to breathe.

Sometimes you may need a break from your feelings. Imagine yourself in a safe space that you love. It may be somewhere you know or something you create. .It could be a room or a place in nature. Put anything or anyone in it who gives you comfort. Imagine the colors and objects or things from nature you most love. Spend some time feeling that healing energy.

Sometimes these feelings may be triggering an old memory. You can ask yourself what this reminds you of. Often we get great relief from knowing this.

EFT or tapping therapy can help to move stuck energy out of your energy system. Check out my website or e-mail me for more information.
Brenda Strausz is a holistic psychotherapist with a practice in the Metro Detroit Area who specializes in women’s issues. She can be reached at

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Love Letter to the World

My Love Letter to the World

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world.

~ Mother Teresa

I remember talking to a friend in high school where I berated myself for not being able to play an instrument or sing or dance well. "Oh Brenda, don't you see?" she so sweetly answered me. "You are a sunshine spreader! You are always inspiring people with your joy and positivity. That is the best gift you can give!" My friend's comment was very astute. I have an important job in the world.

My blog and articles I write are a love letter to the world. I like to think of people smiling quietly when they read them. I am hoping that if they read something that touches their soul, their heart may expand a bit; they may stand a little taller and see the world through different eyes. Maybe they read a sentence or two to their mom over the phone or make a copy to keep on their bulletin board. Maybe they think about one of the lines during the day that inspires them or brings them comfort.

My workshops, teleclasses, EFT Healing Circles and individual sessions are my love letters to the world also. They give me an opportunity to teach and inspire many people at the same time.

How I live in the world is my love letter too. I want everyone who comes in contact with me to feel better because they had an encounter with me.

My children are my love letter to the world. I told them when they began to take trips out of the country that they were ambassadors for our family, for Michigan and for the United States. Grown up now, I am proud that they show love and caring in their daily interactions with people in their lives. Like the line from the movie, Mr. Holland's Opus, "They are my symphony!"

Of course there are artists like my sister Cheryl and my sister-in-law Jo who bring joy into the world with a luscious interplay of color and light. There are gardeners like my father who create living oases of beauty and wonder. How about the decorators (or homemakers) who create spaces of beauty that make you feel all warm and cozy inside? Or the teachers like my husband Richard and my favorite high school social studies teacher, Mr. O'Hara who inspire you to reach higher and higher? There are musicians like Yitazk Perlman and singers like Barbara Streisand whose music and lyrics reach the depths of your soul.

Of this, I am certain that every kind and wonderful things we do is a love letter to the world. So, my friend, what is your love letter and how do you deliver it?

Call to Action

§ Spend some time figuring out what your special talents and abilities are.

§ Realize that these are your love letter to the world.

§ Take notice of how your gifts affect the people in your life.

§ Notice how happy this makes you.

§ Be proud of all you are!


I touch others when I give the gift of my time and attention.

I am so grateful for the gifts I have to share.

I get joy out of sharing my gifts with the world.

Everyday is a new opportunity to share myself with the world.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teleclass: Improving Your Self-Esteem with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Join Brenda Strausz as she guides us on how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you move beyond the limiting beliefs that keep you from living in your full magnificence!

After this class you will feel refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world. Plus you will have a tool for life.

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How will EFT help me to improve my self-esteem?

We will explore the fears and limiting beliefs that you have been living by. These beliefs and thoughts become like an internalized parent that lives in your head and weakens your confidence and depletes your energy and keeps you from living in your true magnificence.

With EFT, we learn how to disengage from this critical voice and open up to the beauty that is in each one of us.

I am a holistic Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. My passion is helping women (and men) love and accept themselves and overcome any obstacles that stops them from living in their full magnificence. I believes strongly in the healing power of love and forgiveness and feel that your joy is the greatest gift you can give the world!