Friday, September 17, 2010

Open to Joy, Wonder and Delight with Joy Holland

Picture by Jeffrey Williams

Today, my guest blogger is my new friend Joy Holland, who has overcome many obstacles and is now living her dreams as she enjoys a peaceful and inspiring life on a sailboat with her two young children. She is a life coach, a motivational speaker and a beautiful love filled soul! She is a gifted writer as you shall see. Her words are deeply poetic and she touches the heart. Visit her on her inspiring blog at:


Thank you for joining me here at Brenda's site...I *love* all that Brenda offers here--each time I visit, I feel very refreshed and encouraged.

I would like to share that with you as well...

I stepped out of a life of chaos to live the life of my dreams, which you may read about here.. About Joy. I share with you from my heart, because I believe that you have within you the resources to live the life of *your* dreams..this very moment.

A life of ease, joy, delight, creativity, wonder, peace, love, grace is available to you the moment you open your heart to it.

I like to look at the sky. I begin my day at 3am by looking up to the sky. I live on a boat in a marina in a rather isolated area, so when I look to the early morning sky I am usually rewarded with the sight of the moon and a blanket of stars. I give praise to the moon and stars. I let the moonbeams light my heart and I think how each star is radiant on its own, glorious in the grouping. I think how each of us have the power of the moon, the brilliance of the stars, the glory of being in community.

I am as powerful as the moon, as brilliant as the stars, surrounded by Light...

On the days I am able to sleep in a bit, I begin my day around 6am. I look to the sky to see the sunrise over the hills..stretching pink tendrils across the sky. Sometimes it is cloudy, sometimes the sun shines warm and brilliant. The colors remind me of a clean canvas and the opportunity to paint on it any way I choose. I create this moment I am in. I may choose vivid colors, pastels, oils, watercolors; to use brushes or my fingers or other items to add texture. I may paint bold lines, faint lines, no lines..I may use techniques that are comfortable and familiar to me, I may be bold and try something new and different. I may display my painting, give it away, keep it for myself.

I am thankful for this moment. I choose how I'd like to create within it.

I find great joy and fulfillment in the process of creating.

Just as the sun rises and parts the clouds or shines brilliantly, effortlessly, with no help from the moment is given and unfolds naturally with no help from me. I do not control time, nor do I control the cycles around me. I may choose to resist or embrace the moment as it is

I embrace this moment as it is given.

My heart overflows with gratitude for this moment.

I am comfortable and safe. All is well.

I tend to look at the sky throughout the day. The placement of the sun guides my day...Some days there are clear skies, some days cloudy, some days dense fog, some days storms..Whether or not I see it with my eyes, I Know the sun is there. Just as I know the Divine is heart is open to the Divine. I Know we are perfectly made exactly as we are, exactly where we are, exactly for this moment. Regardless of external circumstances.

I am Divine.

I am perfectly made.

I am absolutely enough, will always be enough.

My life is a celebration of the Divine within.

Evening comes and I find the sunset. Whether I am at work, at home, driving, or out and around, I stop to view the sunset. And I ask those around me in my physical space to do the same. Even if I do not know them. I feel if nature is going to take the time to provide such a gorgeous visual display, I am going to take the time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the gift. Just as I appreciate and acknowledge the gift of energy that each person that interacts with me shares..I make the time to share my Love and Gratitude with you.

I am full of Love.

I am generous in giving and a gracious receiver.

I am full of gratitude for all that we share together.

I happen to Love the moon. The moonbeams literally shine through the hatch above my bed and lull me to sleep. I sleep in the moonbeams..magical indeed. I let that magic touch my heart while I sleep. I believe it creates my dreams at night and during the day. This magic is available to me throughout the day and is most potent when I allow my heart to be open to it...

Abundant delight, surprise, joy

Enriches my life in myriad ways.

My life is as magical, as grand, as wonder filled,

As I allow it to Be.

I find it comforting that regardless of what was in my day, the sun always rises. The sun always sets. The moon is there among a blanket of stars. Each and every day. Natural example for my heart to follow.. and if I forget, I may always look up and bask in the Light from above...

I Bask in the Light from Above,

Golden and pure..

I let Light wash over me, pour through me,

Much peace,


Joy Holland is a Light worker with a gift of clarity who greatly enjoys guiding others to live the life of their dreams. Joy is living the life of her dreams on a sailboat with her two young children. She enjoys sailing, hiking, cooking, playing her drum in the moonbeams. Joy is a life coach, a motivational speaker, and the author of the blog "Unfolding Your Path to Joy". She is bold in her actions, loving with her words, peace filled in her life...and it is her life's purpose to share this with everyone she meets..


  1. Joy,
    This is lovely.

    I am as powerful as the moon, as brilliant as the stars, surrounded by Light...

    Because we are one this is true about me. That's why I love your writing. You remind us how wonderful we all are...Missing your boat right now. Hugs Tess

  2. Hi Joy and Brenda!!

    Joy, every time I read your words there is such a sense of "joy", "upliftment" and peace in your words and energy.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message here in Brenda's space of joy as well :)

    And may we all, always remember that whether externally or internally, the sun does always rise...

  3. Hi Joy and Brenda,
    Two soulful women together (and more reading!) always makes my heart happy. You know what strikes me Joy? You use powerful "I Am" statements, not just affirmations, but potent statements of divinity, of living through your essence. I think you know that one of the 12 mentors in my book, YTS, is Iyanla Vanzant. She swears by "I AM" statements because I AM is the creative power of God flowing through. It is a statement of reclaiming our essence, our sacred call and connection.

    I think because you have done this so very well (and consistently) in recent years, your journey has just blasted wide open. Don't you agree? This is a powerful invitation for each of us to bask in I AM God-given glory. Thank you!

    Metta to you,
    (aka Buddha Chick)

  4. Hi Brenda .. enjoy the blogging process .. it's fun & with a great friend, such as Joy, you'll meet loads of people and connect.

    Joy is doing a brilliant job with herself and her kids .. it's a joy to read her words ..

    Enjoy the weekend .. lots of joys here! .. Happy times Brenda .. all the best Hilary

  5. I am so glad to find you guys here!!! It is like a gathering of beautiful souls. I love Joy's poetic touches very deep parts if my soul. Yes, Jan the I AM's are powerful!

    Visiting Joy is on my bucket list for sure!!

    Have a blissful weekend everyone!

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I've invited my friends to join me here..I *love* the energy and knew they would too..Thank you for sharing your space:)
    And, I don't believe in the "bucket list"..too much pressure to accomplish rather than experience as it is presented..may you do today what your heart asks you to do..
    and you have an invitation to visit..:)

    Hi Tess,
    Thank you!
    I reflect to you all that you are..
    I think sometimes while here on Earth we limit the power we have..I'd like to remind us so life can be Divinely magical...
    Come visit any time..

    Hi Evita,
    Thank you!
    The cycles of nature remind me to allow ease in life..bliss, beauty, joy, peace..all as I continue to grow and reach to the sky...
    The beauty of the sunrise is related to the beauty within..

    Hi Jan,
    Thank you!
    You are right on..I have opened my arms, my ehart to Divine..I allow God and the Univeres to work through me..I do not need to know how or why I jus tallow myself to be open..with extraordinary results..
    There has been a recent shift within..perhaps a depth I haven't yet experienced...and my little life is now most amazing..May we all experience the miracles waiting to be placed in our lives..and the perfect Love of Faith..

    Hi Hilary,
    Thank you!
    Lots of *joy* indeed..may such joy delight your heart in magnificent ways this weekend..

    Much peace,

  7. Joy: you are right, bucket list may be too confining! How about a "JOY" list! I posted this on my facebook page so I hope we get lots of visitors. I didn't know how to make your link live...think I need lots of tutoring yet!

    Tess: you are always so supportive!

    Jan: so nice to see you here Buddha chic!!

    Evita: Welcome to my space of joy!

    Hilary: So glad to meet you!!!

  8. Joy,
    As I read this today...I am thinking back to Wednesday I stood outside...pulled in by the rising moon over the mountains.

    Life is grand and amazing and so filled with awe....just as you are, sweet friend...

  9. This is just beautiful, as are all the wonderful comments. Joy, I really like how you said that you don't control the moments of your life any more than you control the rising and setting of the sun. The way you worded that hit my soul perfectly. I believe we influence the events in our lives, but when we try to manhandle them, things go terribly off-track. Expect the best = get the best.

    You demonstrate that day-in and day-out.

    Brenda, you have a beautiful space here, and I'm so thankful you connected with Joy in this way.

    Blessings to you both!

  10. Hi Lance,
    Thank you!
    I feel so connected to you as you describe standing outside, feeling the pull of the rising moon..awe-some!
    Life *is* grand, and you are one of the people who reflect to me inspiration to allow it to be so...

    Hi Megan,
    I feel such love in this space..wonderful indeed:)
    Thank you for your kind words..I do believe I choose to See certain moments, and I choose whether or not to embrace them and how to embrace them..the Ultimate creator provides and I choose..
    You reflect to me the absolute best so that I learn that it's okay to expect and to revel in the best..and to vibrate at such a high level that life is grand, fun, exciting, joy filled..
    Thank you for that!

  11. I think the Moon could take shining lessons from Joy Holland -- and probably does!!

    And you, Brenda have to be an especially Excellent Human Being to be so touted by Joy.

    We're going camping next weekend, under the full moon!! Whoo-hooo!!

    xoxo to all

  12. Jannie: thanks... you can only see in othes what you already have in YOU!!

    Love to you!

  13. Hello Joy and Brenda-
    Oh this was a lovely pause in a busy, busy day and I just slowed down and took a deep breath and relaxed. All is well - it may have been busy but it was joy filled also, how easy to forget when we are physically tired and weary.

    Your writing is lovely.

    I once wrote to a friend's mother while I was in graduate school, and when I finished the letter I said "Oh too many I am this and I am that in this note and I forgot to ask about you..."
    My friend's mother wrote back....women never share enough "I am s" with each other and we loose all of that valuable connection when we do not...we are all one. I was greatly moved by her words and they stuck

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. Hi Jannie,
    Thank you for joining me here:)
    Perhaps the moon and I reflect to each do we all..
    Enjoy your time in Nature..camping under the full moon..awesome!

    Hi Patricia,
    Thank you for joining me here:)
    I used "I Am" here because too often many are afraid to claim their recognize the good within their self and other selves as well.."I AM" all that is, and we reflect to each other, so then "we all are"...
    My heart is happy that you took the time to write such a beauty filled letter..I *love* that!
    Much peace,