Thursday, June 3, 2010

Time to Shed

Photo by Jeff Williams


In Spring many animals shed their fur. Because I am not a furry animal, I can only imagine how the excess fur begins feel heavy and cumbersome. Such freedom it must be for them to feel more lightness in their being! Joy! Delight! Present Moment living!

What about you?

Isn't time for you to think about shedding things that feel cumbersome and heavy?

What about old beliefs that keep you small and stuck?

What about the judgments you put on others and yourself?

What about negative thoughts that keeps you from enjoying life fully?

What about some ancient grudges that weigh heavily on your heart and soul?

What about the critical voice in your head that tells you you are not good enough?

What about old habits that are not working for you?

What about anything that just doesn't fit with who you are?

Spring. Time to shed. Time to take inventory. Time to Spring Clean. Time for you to blossom into who you really are!


  1. that was great! there is a lot of stuff in me that needs to go, because it does not bring out the best in me and i can't breath freely! i will note yur thoughts on what to shed and start working on it by the grace of God!

  2. Brenda, how great would that be if like our dogs we could shed twice a year...then things could not accumulate!
    I am working very hard to do some 'shedding'through EMDR in the hopes that in whatever time I have left here, I
    will feel more fulfilled and true to myself.- Sandi O

  3. Marioenche: first step is being conscious of what you need to shed! So you are on the right track with that! All the best to you!
    Sandi: Yes, why can't we be more simple like dogs? great you are doing EMDR! It is alot like EFT . . . what I do . . .definitely helps you to shed!